What is a ten-sided figure called?

Answer Mathematicians refer to a ten-sided polygon as a "decagon." The word "decagon" comes from two Greek root words: "deka," meaning "ten," and "gonia," meaning "angle." The decagonal shape is still pop... Read More »

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What is an elongated circle or oval shape called?

An elongated circle or oval shape is called an ellipse. This elongated circle has two equal, or symmetrical, ends. The ellipse differs from an oval in that an oval is egg shaped, with asymmetrical,... Read More »

How to Find The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape?

Eyebrows are very important features on your face. With it being the perfect shape for your face, it will improve your overall appearance. You will have to look at your own face shape to determin... Read More »

What Games Use 10-Sided Dice?

You can use 10-sided dice (d10) in games in several ways. Often, d10 are used to calculate percentages in role playing games (RPGs). This is done with two d10. One die represents numerals by increm... Read More »

What country has a 5 sided flag?

The country of Nepal has a five-sided flag, according to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook. The flag is composed of two right triangles that overlap with a red border, blue back... Read More »