What is a tekket server in Minecraft?

Answer im pretty sure a tekkit server is one that lets you add mods into the game. my friend has tekkit for mods and stuff

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Minecraft Tekkit Server Troubles- How do i turn the server off?

Minecraft server, friends can't reach server.?

You need to put good detail what you need help with. I have helped 34 people set up a minecraft server. If you have a skype add me lettucelad and ill share your screen and ill give you all the in... Read More »

What if I buy a dedicated minecraft server?

Dedi server is like your computer, when you buy it, it has nothing but linux. You need to install java and ll other things yourself, and they use Linux, not windows, so if you havent used linux you... Read More »

What is the best router of a minecraft server?

You would need a business class Internet connection, which would probably well exceed your $50 limit, also your pc may lag with that many clients connected. Most people who have large minecraft se... Read More »