What is a technical speech topic?

Answer A technical speech is designed to be an informative speech, through which the speaker instructs an audience on how to accomplish or further understand a specific task or subject. In other words, t... Read More »

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Some non technical topic?

How to Select a Topic for a Speech?

For many people, the thought of giving a speech in front of a group can be terrifying. Even if you are comfortable with public speaking, it can be difficult at times to figure out what to speak abo... Read More »

What is a good topic for an Indictment Speech?

I think that anyone could be a hero by not continuing the mistakes made by his or her own parents. Make a child's life better than you had it... be kinder and better. People who try to treat othe... Read More »

How to Choose and Develop a Topic for a Speech?

Much rides on choosing and developing a good speech topic. If you choose a good topic but do not properly develop it, then your message may not be well-received. Conversely, if you execute the deve... Read More »