What is a teacher paraprofessional?

Answer Teacher paraprofessionals assist certified or licenses teachers in public and private preschool, elementary, middle and secondary schools. Paraprofessionals supervise students, provide extra help t... Read More »

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What is a paraprofessional role to a teacher?

The main role of a paraprofessional is to provide the teacher with instructional support in the classroom. The paraprofessional can accomplish instructional support in two ways: by helping the stud... Read More »

What is a security paraprofessional?

A security paraprofessional first receives training and then assists a professional in their day to day activities. This may include helping file paperwork or working under security professionals a... Read More »

What is a paraprofessional aide?

A paraprofessional/aide is an employee who helps the teacher in the classroom. They perform duties such as individual tutoring, helping manage the classroom, aiding in computer labs and providing i... Read More »

What is a paraprofessional education?

Paraprofessional education is training for a job to assist a professional. Examples of paraprofessionals include teacher assistants, library support staff, paralegals, home health aides and veterin... Read More »