How much money do taxi drivers make in Phoenix, Arizona?

Answer According to, taxi drivers in Phoenix, Arizona, average $25,428 to $37,363 per year as of April 2010. Those in the lower 10 percent make $20,707 while those in the upper 90 percent get $... Read More »

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What city has the most taxi cabs?

New York City has the most taxi cabs. It has more than 12,700 yellow cabs actively working in the city. In addition to taxi cabs, there are several other car and limousine services in the city.Refe... Read More »

Are taxi cabs commercial vehicles?

Taxis are considered to be commercial vehicles for the purposes of insurance, but the taxi's driver may not be required to get a commercial driver's license. Different areas have different restrict... Read More »

Do taxi cabs take credit cards?

Although taxicabs were one of the last industries to take credit cards, some cab companies started accepting them in 2007, according to "USA Today." Not all taxis take credit cards, however, so you... Read More »

Do taxi cabs in Florida take credit cards?

Some Florida taxi cabs accept credit cards. However, some smaller taxi cab drivers who own and operate their own private services do not accept credit cards. The taxi companies that accept credit c... Read More »