What is a tax mill?

Answer The term tax mill refers to the tax rate on every $1,000 of real estate value that is taxable, sometimes referred to as the "millage rate." The word "mill" means "thousand."Who is Responsible?Local... Read More »

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How to Choose Ball Mill Manufacturer or Ball Mill Equipment?

When you choose the type of ball mill, you must choose the right ball mill equipment and manufacturer.

What is a mill levy tax?

A mill levy tax is a form of property tax. State and local governments establish the mill levy, or millage rate, and apply it to assessed property value to raise funds.FunctionIn calculating the mi... Read More »

What is a steel mini mill?

A minimill is a steel company that produces steel by melting recycled scrap. Minimills distribute primarily to the construction industry. More than 100 minimills operate in the United States, mostl... Read More »

What is french mill soap?

French milled soaps are believed to be some of the finest soaps made. You'll find this type of soap in fancy hotels and toiletry shops. French milled soap is also known as triple milled soap.Rollin... Read More »