What is a tax deductible donation?

Answer Many non-profit organizations depend on charitable giving to fund their beneficial activities. The government includes charitable donations as itemized deductions in the tax code as a way to encour... Read More »

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Is my car donation made in New Hampshire tax deductible?

Car donations in New Hampshire are considered tax-deductible by the IRS, as long as they are made to a 501(c)3 classified charitable organization. Donations of RVs, boats and other vehicles are als... Read More »

Is my car donation made in Iowa tax deductible?

If you donate you car in Iowa to a nonprofit classified with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, then the donation is tax-deductible. To receive the most money available for your tax de... Read More »

Is the car donation I made in Arkansas tax-deductible?

A car donation is Arkansas is tax-deductible if it is donated to an IRS-registered charity. You can claim a tax deduction of $500 once the vehicle sells. If it sells for more than $500, you can cla... Read More »

Is my car donation made in New York tax deductible?

On One Hand: Donate to a Cause and Receive a Tax DeductionAs is the case in any part of the country, if you donate a vehicle in New York you qualify for a federal tax deduction. New York residents ... Read More »