What is a tax consultant?

Answer Some of us choose to do our own taxes. In others obtain a tax consultant for the purpose of preparing their federal and state taxes every year. Often business and individuals turn to tax consultant... Read More »

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What is a CRM consultant?

A CRM consultant is a customer relationship management consultant. A CRM consultant helps companies with their company-wide customer relationship strategies for retaining customers. They are hired ... Read More »

What Is an Insurance Consultant?

Insurance consultants advise customers and clients interested in life, health, property and casualty insurance. Once the insurance consultant has identified the client's needs, she can sell or reco... Read More »

What is an image consultant?

An image consultant is someone you hire to help you improve your image. Your image in this case, is how other people perceive you. An image consultant helps you improve your look, the way you act a... Read More »

What is a computer consultant?

A computer consultant is an information technology professional who is engaged by clients to assist in the procurement, implementation and/or upgrading of computer hardware and software. Working on... Read More »