What is a tax ID number for a business?

Answer There are several different types of tax ID numbers for a business. All of them are used to identify the business for the purposes of taxes and other regulations. There is a federal system used by ... Read More »

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Do I need a tax ID number for a new business?

For a sole proprietorship, you are not required to apply for a tax, or employer, ID number for your new business. You may use your Social Security number to open bank accounts and complete tax retu... Read More »

How do I look up a business if I only have the telephone number?

why don't you try calling the number hopefully then you'll find out the business name from the receptionist or answering machine & then you can look it up on the web? good luck!xox

How do I get a tax ID number for personal business?

Decisions and InformationGather the business address and contact phone number for your business. It's fine if you use your personal information for this. Decide on the basic structure of your busin... Read More »

How do I locate a business by a fax number?

Call the NumberCall the fax number from your telephone. With the popularity of email, some companies get so few faxes they have opted to eliminate their dedicated fax line completely and use a shar... Read More »