What is a tatting shuttle?

Answer The art of tatting, adapted from the ancient skills of fishing net makers, creates lace by manipulating a shuttle to loop and knot thread into a decorative pattern. Although smaller than the net ma... Read More »

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How to Use a Tatting Shuttle?

After you have read the basics for beginning tatting in Begin Tatting, it is helpful to learn step by step how to use a tatting shuttle to begin your tatting. It is assumed you have read Begin Tatt... Read More »

What was the 1980 children's TV show that started off as a cartoon space shuttle ride and ended the introduction by landing a real shuttle on stage complete with a crew?

How the space shuttle tile is able to protect the shuttle?

The black tiles underneath the space shuttle are made of ceramics. Ceramics are already fired and thus able to withstand very high temperatures. The ceramic tiles do oxidize (which means material i... Read More »

What size needle is needed for thread tatting?

Thread tatting is done using specialized tatting needles that come in different sizes from 0 to 9. The higher the number, the finer the needle. For example, a size 0 would be a larger needle for wo... Read More »