What is a task bar?

Answer A task bar is a horizontal bar located at the bottom of the computer screen in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Unless a user elects to hide the task bar, it is visible at all times.FeaturesOn ... Read More »

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1 Explain the key differences between the characteristics of a soft real time task such as web browsing and a non real time task such as email delivery?

What is *32 in my task manager?

Assuming you have 64bit Windows Vista, it's perfectly normal. It means that program is emulated to run in 32bit mode using WOW64.

What is a task manager?

A task manager is an application that reports and provides information about what programs and processes a computer is currently running. It may also give information about CPU and memory usage.Win... Read More »

What is a task bar for on Windows XP?

A Windows task bar manages open tasks or programs on your desktop. The task bar is located on the bottom of your desktop and can be used to see what tasks you have open. You can use the task bar to... Read More »