What Is Tartan?

Answer A tartan is most often associated with a plaid fabric that denotes a clan or family group based in either Ireland or Scotland. Tartan plaid is a criss-cross pattern that has many colors (mostly pri... Read More »

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What Are Tartan Plaids?

The words tartan and plaid are often used interchangeably but that usage is incorrect from a historical sense. All tartan's are a form of plaid, but not all plaids should be considered a specific t... Read More »

What color is the McCartney tartan?

The McCartney tartan has a day and night version. The day version is purple, black, white, dark blue, red and yellow. The night version is dark blue, light blue, green, red and white.Source:The Sco... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Tartan & Plaid?

Tartans and plaids are historically associated with Scottish clans, particularly the Highlanders during the medieval period. While the terms "tartan" and "plaid" are interchangeable as fabric names... Read More »

What may you wear with the coast guard tartan?

The U.S. Coast Guard Tartan, though normally worn by pipe band members claiming affiliation with the U.S. Coast Guard, may be worn with the CG Dinner Dress uniforms, CG Service Dress Blue uniform, ... Read More »