What is a tarrazu coffee bean?

Answer Tarrazu, like many coffees from around the world, takes its name from the region in which the beans grow. Tarrazu coffee beans grow in the Tarrazu region on the central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.... Read More »

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How to Make Tarrazu Coffee?

There are few rituals as iconic as sitting down for a morning cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee starts with great coffee beans. Tarrazu coffee beans come from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, an... Read More »

Is whole bean coffee the freshest?

On One Hand: Whole Beans are FreshestAccording to the website, Whole Coffee Beans, whole coffee beans do have a longer shelf-life than ground beans. Ground coffee beans expose more of the bean's su... Read More »

Where did the coffee bean originate?

Popular mythology suggests that the coffee bean was discovered by a shepherd in the southern Arabian Peninsula. However, recent research suggests that the coffee bean first grew in central Ethiopia... Read More »

What bean is coffee made from?

Quite simply, coffee is a product of coffee beans. According to the Toomer's Coffee Roasters website, coffee beans come from either the Coffea robusta or Coffea arabica versions of coffee plants.So... Read More »