What is a tablet writing pad?

Answer The advancements in tablet technology has made digital writing pads even more popular in recent years. Tablet computers, which differ from laptops in that they utilize touch screen technology, have... Read More »

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How is a tablet writing pad used?

Tablet writing pads can be extremely helpful for people who are taking notes or writing for personal reasons. Often, people in employment settings use pads to write down work or client information.... Read More »

How much does a tablet writing pad cost?

Low end computer tablets cost around $40 at most electronic stores and high end ones cost up to $300. Portable laptop computers with built in tablet writing pads can cost over $1000. Pricing estima... Read More »

Who makes the tablet writing pad?

There are a few tablet computers which use digital ink for writing. The first tablet PC was the Dell Latitude XT2, and Apple recently released its iPad, which runs on a Mac operating system.Source:... Read More »

What is the name of the erasable writing tablet?

The Etch A Sketch, manufactured by the Ohio Art Company, is perhaps the most popular erasable writing tablet . Ohio Art recently released two new products, the Etch A Sketch freestyle and the Etch ... Read More »