What is a tab leader in word processing?

Answer A tab leader is a horizontal trail of periods, dashes or other similar characters that precedes data in a tabbed column. Leaders are used to make a clearer visual connection of related data on the ... Read More »

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What is the difference between Microsoft Word& word processing?

Microsoft Word is a popular word processor. Word processing in general is using a computer to prepare documents; many different programs, including Microsoft Word, can accomplish this goal.Definiti... Read More »

What is ms word processing?

MS word processing is another name for Microsoft's word processing application, Microsoft Word. Word is part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite and is used to create rich text documents.Fil... Read More »

What is word processing?

Humans over the centuries have look for new ways to create and preserve the written word. On a computer, a user can use word processors (word processing program or software) to assist in creating d... Read More »

What is a word processing document?

Creating a splendid meal takes planning, ingredients, a cook and a stove. The cook for a word processing document is the computer user who plans, writes, saves and edits using a computer program ca... Read More »