What is a tab leader in word processing?

Answer A tab leader is a horizontal trail of periods, dashes or other similar characters that precedes data in a tabbed column. Leaders are used to make a clearer visual connection of related data on the ... Read More »

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What is the difference between Microsoft Word& word processing?

Microsoft Word is a popular word processor. Word processing in general is using a computer to prepare documents; many different programs, including Microsoft Word, can accomplish this goal.Definiti... Read More »

Word Processing on a Mac?

While Mac computers and PCs are notably different, they both provide reliable word-processing programs. Whether you use the program that comes with your Mac, purchase additional software, or access... Read More »

What is word processing?

Humans over the centuries have look for new ways to create and preserve the written word. On a computer, a user can use word processors (word processing program or software) to assist in creating d... Read More »

What is word processing used for?

A word processor program is software that enables a computer to create literature or documents. Typical uses for a word processor program include creating business memos and reports, term and resea... Read More »