What is a systemic insecticide?

Answer Systemic insectide is a insectide that's absorbed through the roots of plants and makes the plants toxic. It works against bugs that suck or chew or the plant, such as aphids or caterpillers. It is... Read More »

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Is systemic insecticide right for mites?

Mites are so small, a bomb would be the most effective way to treat them.

Systemic Insecticide for Roses?

Some rose resources recommend the use of systemic pesticides for healthy plants; many organic gardening resources warn against the dangers of all pesticides. Roses can be challenging to grow outsid... Read More »

Is systemic insecticide right for scale infestation on house plants and if so what should I use?

Answer I tried a systemic insecticide on my scale-infested ficus a few weeks ago, but so far no luck. The same insecticide worked wonders on our huge outdoor tree that was infested with whiteflies,... Read More »

What is a systemic chemical?

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