What is a system 32 file?

Answer A system32 file, which is unique to the Windows operating system, are essential system files. The SYSTEM32 folder and respective files found within contain the core operating system files for a Win... Read More »

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What is NTFS system file and FAT32 system file?

NTFS is more secure then FAT32. It allows compression, file /directory security, support for large drives and it's able to read and write to FAT32 partitions.

I have an LG home theatre system but the surround system does not work with the receiver or any file from usb?

Unless the signal from the other audio devices contains a 5.1 signal, it will not output a true 5.1 sound. There is usually an option on the controller to emulate 5.1 sound.

What is a tickler file system?

A tickler file is a system advocated by office productivity and organization experts that allows for date-sensitive items to be filed away in some chronological order, so that, while they are not u... Read More »

What is the ntfs file system?

The NTFS file system is an abbreviation for New Technology File System, which organizes files on a computer hard drive into directories. NTFS offers a reliable system that may be used on consumer c... Read More »