How to Use a Thesaurus?

Answer Is the perfect word on the tip of your tongue? Did you just use the word "nice" for the fourth time in the last two flaccid paragraphs? Spice it up a little with a thesaurus and add variety and pow... Read More »

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How to Update a Thesaurus?

Most word-processing or document-creating software comes with a built-in thesaurus for your convenience. You can right-click any word in a document and let the thesaurus offer multiple suggestions ... Read More »

How to Use the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word?

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms, words and phrases that mean the same thing as a particular word or phrase. Microsoft Word, and in more recent versions of Microsoft Office, other programs i... Read More »

Classroom Activities With a Thesaurus?

English has one of the largest vocabularies of all languages, and thesaurus-based activities are a way to help children explore the huge variety of words with similar meanings (synonyms) available ... Read More »

What is the purpose of the thesaurus in a Word document?

You read through a draft of your term paper or perhaps short story, and find you utilized a certain word too often. You need a thesaurus to find another word with a similar meaning, and if you use ... Read More »