What is a sweet red wine?

Answer While many wine snobs look down their noses at wine that is "too sweet," some sweet red wines are actually quite good, particularly when slightly chilled and enjoyed al fresco. Sweet red wines are ... Read More »

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Do you like lusciously sweet wine ! ! .?

No Purr I prefer it dry myself - purrfect!!!!

Is chardonnay a sweet wine?

Wine is separated into two different types, sweet and dry. Chardonnay is a popular white wine that is a dry wine. There may be a small amount of sweetness in a chardonnay, depending on the brand, b... Read More »

How is wine made sweet?

Sweeter wines can be created using several different methods of wine making. These wines can also have added components to create a sweet taste.Added SugarWine can be made sweet by adding regular ... Read More »

What kind of wine is sweet?

Sweet wines are classified as such because of the high level of sugar left in the wine after its final fermentation. There are many sweet white wines, blush or rose wines, and dessert wines.Rieslin... Read More »