How to Use a Pick up Line to Get a Girl's Number?

Answer This article shows you the easy and safest way to get a girl's phone number.......try it.....

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Is telling a girl that I have a winnebago full of rootbeer a good pick up line?

Yes and you can pick me up at my house tomorrow at 7pm.Hope you like minature golfing!

Whats the episode of Cold Case is where the sweet girl befriends the goth guy and is forced to kiss a girl to join the cheerleaders?

I'm pretty sure that's the episode called "stand up and hollar" I think.

How to Pick a Dress for a Sweet Sixteen Party?

Sixteen years old is a really important year for a girl. It signifies a girl's transformation into a woman. Thus, a party for this day is a must! However, you just couldn't find the perfect dress f... Read More »

FOR THE SWEET TOOTH PEOPLE:If you could pick 3 types of candy to go in your room, what Wouldit be?

Twix, Crunchie and Lion bar. I've already kept and keep the former 2 in my room one time or another. ^-^