What is a swedish ivy plant?

Answer Also known as the Swedish begonia or whorled plectranthus, the Swedish ivy plant actually is native to Australia. A popular houseplant in the 1970s and '80s, the Swedish ivy plant is once again reg... Read More »

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Why are swedish fish called swedish fish?

Swedish fish are chewy, fruity, fish-shaped candies that are aptly named for their country of origin. Although the treat has its roots in Sweden, it has been a popular candy throughout North Americ... Read More »

How to Say Please in Swedish?

If you decide to learn Swedish, you may find that phrasebooks and lessons for beginners leave out any explanation of the seemingly easy and important word "please". This is not because Swedish does... Read More »

Is Swedish a language?

Swedish is the official language of Sweden and Finland, according to the website Kwintessential. Swedish also has two dialects: Saami and Finnish. The Swedish language comes from Latin, German and ... Read More »

How do i take cuttings from swedish ivy?

PreparationFill a pot with a good-quality commercial potting soil. Moisten the potting soil with a spray bottle so that the soil is damp clear through.CuttingCut a 3-inch to 4-inch stem tip from a ... Read More »