What is a swap point in forex?

Answer The Foreign exchange spot market (Forex) trades currencies in pairs, buying and selling a base currency against a quote currency. When a trade is held open at the close of the trading day, that pos... Read More »

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What is a swap in forex?

A swap agreement in the foreign exchange, or forex, market involves two parties executing a simultaneous exchange of two different currencies at a predetermined rate and time period. A forex swap a... Read More »

If you had to be on the tv show "Wife Swap" who would they pick to swap w/ you?

OHH! Fun question! I watch that show all the time during naptime on the dvr...Uhm, lets see.Opposite of me would be like a super conservative (meet the duggers type), she would be a clean freak, h... Read More »

Please guides me about forex and forex money?

You can learn the basics by visiting blogs like or read free ebook s like you can use a free demo account on any broker which will allow you to test the wat... Read More »

What is the boiling point and freezing point of gold?

Gold is a transition metal with a boiling point of approximately 2,807 degrees Celsius, or 5,084 degrees Fahrenheit. Its freezing point (and melting point) is approximately 1,064 degrees Celsius, o... Read More »