What is a surgical repair of a joint?

Answer The medical terminology for surgical repair of a joint is arthroplasty. The arthritic or malfunctioning joint is replaced with a prosthesis.HistorySince the mid-1960s the most common arthroplasty h... Read More »

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How to Repair a CV Joint Axle?

CV (constant velocity) axles allow the car's drive axle to flex and shift while moving on uneven surfaces. Replacing the CV axle on your automobile requires a considerable degree of mechanical abil... Read More »

How do I Repair a Chevrolet U-joint?

When your Chevy hits a bump, the suspension deflects slightly to absorb the impact of the bump. As a result of the movement of the suspension, the angle of the flexible suspension system, in relati... Read More »

How to Repair a 1997 Ford F-250 4X4 U-Joint?

The first Ford F series truck was produced in 1948. The 1997 Ford F-250 was produced with an option to choose from four-different engines, as well as the option of two wheel or four wheel drive. Wh... Read More »

How to Repair a Copper Pipe Joint?

Water oozing from a solder connection in copper pipes means something has to be done immediately, and most people think they need a plumber to do it. It isn't that serious, though, and with a minim... Read More »