What episode does vegeta say the legend of the super saiyan?

Answer I've seen it happen when I was growing up in Zimbabwe.

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What episode does vegeta turn super saiyan?

Vegeta turns super sayian in episode 114 upgrade to super sayian

How do i draw super saiyan?

Super SaiyanDraw the character's hair with thick spikes that rise out of the scalp like the petals of a flower in bloom. When a character undergoes a Super Saiyan transformation, his or her hair be... Read More »

Is there a super saiyan 3?

Yes, only Goku and Gotenks (Goten + Trunks) achieved it. There is also a SS4 which Goku and Vegeta achieved. There is a fan illustration of Goku SS5 but there is no story to go with it.

Is vegeta the super saiyan 1?