Is a solstice the first day of summer& winter?

Answer The Summer Solstice marks the first day of summer, which usually takes place on June 21st in the Earth's northern hemisphere. The Winter Solstice usually falls on December 22nd and marks the beginn... Read More »

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How to Witness the Summer Solstice?

Witnessing the summer solstice is something everyone should take the chance to do at least once in a lifetime. Whether it's done as a tribute to the long-observed Midsummer rituals held throughout ... Read More »

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice?

The summer solstice has been celebrated for centuries, with all sorts of traditions growing up around it. In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice is usually celebrated on the 21st of June, ... Read More »

How to Select Flowers for a Summer Solstice Wedding?

You have decided to get married on the longest day of the year. It is celebrated as Midsommar in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries and one of the holidays in many pagan faiths. Ideally, your ... Read More »

What is the angular distance from the north celestial pole to the summer solstice?

The north celestial pole is tipped at an angle of 23.4 degrees relative to the Earth’s north pole. So at summer solstice, the sun has a declination of zero degrees on the equator. The angle betwe... Read More »