What is a summary of the monroe doctrine?

Answer According to the history organization Our Documents, the Monroe Doctrine was part of the annual message given to Congress by President James Monroe on Dec. 2, 1823. The Monroe Doctrine sets out the... Read More »

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What led to the Monroe Doctrine?

The Monroe Doctrine, named after U.S. President James Monroe, stemmed from efforts by European powers to recover former Spanish colonies in Mexico, Central and South America. Essentially, it called... Read More »

What is the monroe doctrine about?

It says that European kings and queens cannot start any colonies in the Americas.

What were the circumstances leading up to the Monroe Doctrine?

What was the impact of the monroe doctrine on the US foreign policy?

In a word (or three), money and supplies: The Allies were bolstered by the goods received by way of ship convoy, as well as money. Personnel, warplanes, tanks, warships, and ammunition literally po... Read More »