Does Lipton tea contain sulfite?

Answer The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) includes instant tea on its list of foods with sulfites. The ingredient list for Lipton's Tea To Go products, such as, "White Tea To Go with Natural Appl... Read More »

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Hydrogen Sulfite Safety?

Hydrogen sulfite is a name for a chemical combination usually referred to by its stable form of sodium hydrogen sulfite. It is a white powdery salt and although stable, it is harmful if swallowed o... Read More »

Sulfite Titration Test Procedures?

Scientists use titration to determine the concentration of acid in an unknown solution by adding a basic solution to it and measuring the volume needed to cause a reaction. Sulfite titration, for e... Read More »

Should i switch to sulfite free shampoo?

If it is good for your hair then use itDune

Do sulfite-containing wines pose a health risk?

Sulfite can cause an allergic reaction in certain people. The majority of people at risk are asthmatic. I believe it would cause anaphylactic shock, giving you a few minutes before it becomes fatal... Read More »

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