What is a sulfa allergy?

Answer A sulfa allergy describes the allergic reaction to medications that contain sulfonamides. Sulfonamides are typically found in both generic and name brand medication and generally, an ingredient in ... Read More »

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Can you get flu shot if you are allergic to sulfa drugs?

There is no sulfa in the flu vaccines used in the US. So if you are getting the flu shot here, you should have no problems. If you have any concerns, the clinician who gives you the injection can t... Read More »

Allergy Med Help...which one?

This is better:Allergies and a cold/sinus have very similar symptoms.Either ways, you could "At Your Own Risk" try some of these natural remedies: **Read the information on the link below before at... Read More »

Allergy to Cat Fur?

Allergies to cat fur is a very common problem for people, and deters many cat lovers from owning one as a pet. But recent advancements in medical technology and filtering mechanisms have made it po... Read More »

Allergy to Nylon?

Nylon is a man-made fabric that can cause some people to experience an allergic reaction when skin contacts it. A skin irritation (contact dermatitis) can result from all sorts of fabrics, but man-... Read More »