What is a sugar tong splint?

Answer According to the Skylark Medical Center's website, the sugar tong splint gained its name because of the splint's resemblance to the sugar tongs used to remove cubes of sugar from a bowl.SplintsSpli... Read More »

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Can you Select the correct sequence of applying the splint An Airman has been injured in a fall from a ladder It appears her left ankle is broken and you must improvise a splint?

Position rigid object, apply padding, secure rigid object, and secure loose ends of material used to hold rigid object in place.

What is a tong?

It is something that you use to pick up food.

A Recipe for Bok Tong Go?

Bok Tong Go, or sweet rice pudding cake, is a Cantonese dessert that's widely available in Chinese restaurants across the country. It's a deceptively simple recipe, similar to the idlis and other s... Read More »

Who is the father of Qijong&Tong therapy?

The father of Tong Ren therapy -- a healing technique using the energy of the subconscious - is Tom Tam, a Boston-based acupuncturist, writer and teacher. Qijong has no identifiable father, as it d... Read More »