What is a suet cake?

Answer Birds that overwinter in cold, snowy areas benefit from suet cakes hanging from backyard trees and bushes. Chickadees, towhees, bluejays and woodpeckers area few of the visitors to drop by for a su... Read More »

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What Is Suet Bird Feed?

When a blanket of fresh snow covers the landscape, treat wild birds to suet. The high-protein bird feed helps wild birds generate energy for warmth during cold weather. Butchers, meat counters and ... Read More »

What bird eats suet?

Many different birds eat suet. Suet is an animal fat that birds eat when insects become scarce. Some of the types of birds that are really fond of suet and commonly seen in suburban yards are woodp... Read More »

Crumb cake Banana Cake Or Carrot Cake Which from this list do you like better?

carrotake ((((Scooter)))) Dream as if you'll live forever.. live as if you'll die today.

Red Velvet cake Napoleon Cake Or Devil's Food cake Which from this list do u like better?

Red Velvet Cake/cupcakes!!Also do you know that there is a recipe for Blue Velvet Cake/cupcakes?..yeah and it's yummy too!!!..=)