What is a subtotal colectomy?

Answer A colectomy--also known as a large bowel resection--is a surgery that involves removal of the colon. Doctors perform a subtotal, or partial, colectomy when they remove part of the colon.Related Con... Read More »

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Colectomy Effects on Digestion?

A colectomy is a surgical procedure a doctor uses to remove all or part of a patient’s colon. Physicians typically recommend a colectomy to treat disorders of the colon. Naturally, this procedure... Read More »

Good websites about total colectomy?

BummerI would have thought the pediatrician would have had a video for him to watch.Tell your pediatrician you'd like one along with any sites with children's support forums. If he doesn't know of ... Read More »

Does a colectomy cure other problems of ulcerative colitis?

On One Hand: Surgery Cures the DiseaseUlcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease which is essentially "cured" after patients undergo a protocolectomy, which is the surgical removal of both... Read More »