What is a substitute for sour cream?

Answer A healthy alternative and substitute for sour cream is plain yogurt. It may be used in sauces, dips, casseroles and some baked items. Since the consistency is runnier than sour cream, more dry ingr... Read More »

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Can i substitute cream cheese for sour cream?

On One Hand: Yes, Cream Cheese Can Replace Sour CreamAccording to professional chef and graduate of Western Culinary Institute David Coffman, cream cheese makes a good replacement for sour cream in... Read More »

Can you substitute sour cream for whipped cream?

Sour cream does not substitute well for whipped cream. According to Recipe Goldmine, a banana and egg white combination or a can of evaporated milk mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice are substitu... Read More »

Can i use sour cream as a substitute for eggs?

On One Hand: It Seems ReasonableEggs, especially whipped egg whites, have a similar consistency to sour cream, and they aren't too far off from each other nutritionally. In a pinch, some sour cream... Read More »

Is yogurt a sour cream substitute?

On One Hand: They're Much the SameYogurt and sour cream are first cousins. They're both derived from milk that has undergone some fermentation and they both have a pleasantly sour, slightly acidic ... Read More »