What is a substitute for powdered milk (recipe included)?

Answer Hmm. Got any hot cocoa mix? You could TRY substituting the cocoa mix for cocoa and milk powder and cut down the sugar but no idea if that is going to work. Maybe add sugar to taste after you mix... Read More »

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Substitute for powdered milk?

Just use regular milk instead. Or soy milk is good too.I didnt really find anything online, Sorry

Can you substitute milk for powdered milk?

In most recipes, it is safe to replace dry milk powder (powdered milk) with liquid milk. However, an adjustment in the liquid content of the recipe is necessary. For every 1/4 cup of powdered milk ... Read More »

Can I substitute whole milk for skim milk in a dog treat recipe?

Of course you can it will work just as well.Dune

What are differences between powdered milk and normal milk?

Boobs? haha funny. Both powdered and liquid milk are obtained from cows. It's just that powdered milk have better preservation than liquid milk. I mean they can last long without getting spoiled or... Read More »