If prenatal exposure to a substance leads to birth defects the substance is called a?

Answer teratogen

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Military law substance use?

In a sealed envelope or container in the possession of a vetted classified document courier, or in a locked cabinet or safe in an approved classified documents storage area.

How to Know if a Substance Is a Colloid?

Here is how to tell if something is a colloid.

Can density be used to identify a substance?

A substance can be identified by its density. Archimedes discovered how to do this while in the bath around 250 BC. By testing how much volume of a substance, usually water, is displaced by an obje... Read More »

What is the job of a substance abuse counselor?

Substance abuse counseling requires kindness, patience and a strong desire to help others, according to the Princeton Review. These counselors help drug addicts improve all facts of life that will ... Read More »