What is a subordination agreement?

Answer A subordination agreement is document used to rearrange or prioritize the filing order of mortgages. This document, once filed, can make a second mortgage move from first place in filing status bac... Read More »

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What is a mortgage subordination?

A mortgage subordination occurs when the lender who has the first lien on a piece of property agrees to take the second lien position and allow another lender to occupy the first position.Reference... Read More »

What does subordination of homestead mean?

Homestead exemptions protect homes from creditors, home loss due to a spouse's death, and certain property taxes. When refinancing a mortgage, any existing homestead protection is subordinated, or ... Read More »

What is the difference between a rental agreement&a lease agreement?

Renting or leasing a house or apartment is common. The terms "rent" and "lease" are often used interchangeably. However, there are stark differences between the two. Before you sign or offer any su... Read More »

How to Prepare Subordination Agreements?

A subordination agreement is a contract between a property owner and a lender. The lender agrees to subordinate an existing loan to a new loan. This gives the priority to the new loan for payoffs o... Read More »