What Are the Features of a Subduction Zone?

Answer The Earth's crust is made of plates (or pieces of earth) that move on top of the mantle. Oceanic plates are denser and therefore heavier than continental plates. Oceanic plates are created at ocean... Read More »

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How do you define a subduction zone?

A subduction zone is one type of boundary between two plates of the earth's crust. One plate, which is less dense, slides up over the edge of the other as the plates move. This zone is an area that... Read More »

Where does a subduction zone occur?

Tectonic plates are large rock slabs under the earth’s crust, measuring as large as thousands of kilometers in length. The location where two tectonic plates meet is referred to as a subduction z... Read More »

What Are the Relationships Among Mantle Convection Ocean Ridges and Subduction Zones?

The theory of plate tectonics is now well established, because the mechanism of mantle convection provided an underlying cause for the observable movement of the earth's crustal plates. Initially p... Read More »

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