What is the subatomic particle that chadwick discovered?

Answer In 1898, the world of science was forever changed by the identification of the electron. Ten years after this discovery, Ernest Rutherford discovered protons. In 1932, another great scientific disc... Read More »

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What are the three subatomic particles atoms are made of?

The three basic components of atoms are protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have positive charges, neutrons are neutral and electrons have negative charges. Protons and neutrons consist of "... Read More »

What Are the Three Subatomic Parts to an Atom & Their Charges?

The atom is the smallest unit on Earth. It is the basic component of any type of matter. It cannot be broken down or sectioned. Protons, neutrons and electrons make up the subatomic particles of a... Read More »

What is particle board?

Particleboard is a composite wood product made from wood shavings, chips, flakes or splinters pressed tightly together and held in place with resin. A wood veneer typically covers any visible surfa... Read More »

What is the mass of a neutron particle?

The neutron found within the nucleus of an atom has a mass of 1.6749286 x 10-27 kilograms. In chemistry, the mass of a neutron is often referred to as one atomic mass unit. Neutrons have have a neu... Read More »