What is a stretch and sweep in pregnancy?

Answer A 'stretch and sweep' or 'membrane sweep' is a form of induction used at the end of pregnancy. The practitioner (ob or midwife) will 'sweep' the membranes surrounding the baby in the area of the ce... Read More »

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What is a stretch and sweep?

Stretch and Sweep Also known as sweeping the membranes, this procedure involves your doctor or midwife inserting a gloved finger into your vagina and gently separating the membranes surrounding the... Read More »

How affective is a stretch and sweep?

yes in humans but other animals such as the sea horse the male gives birth

Does stretch and sweep induce labour at 39 weeks?

Sweeping Membranes / Stretch & SweepSweeping the membranes involves your medical carer gently separating the membranes from the cervix by vaginal exam. This may be a little uncomfortable for some w... Read More »

What Can You Do About Stretch Marks Due to Pregnancy?

Along with nausea, fatigue and backaches, one of the most common side effects of pregnancy are stretch marks. According to the Expectant Mother's Guide, 75 percent to 90 percent of women develop st... Read More »