What is a streamline loan modification?

Answer A streamline loan modification is also known as a streamline refinance. This occurs in mortgage loans exclusively and for FHA backed mortgages only. The FHA streamline refinance allows the borrow... Read More »

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How to Do Loan Modification?

Are you tense by a mortgage payment you can't afford? Does foreclosure appear like a very real option? There is help available in the form of reduced payments if you recognize what to do. We will t... Read More »

How to Do Loan Modification by Yourself?

Literally 12 million out of 75 million US households are in trouble. They owe more than the actual net worth of their house and this is almost $ 700 Billion of negative equity. Learn in this articl... Read More »

What Is A BTO Modification Loan?

A BTO (built to order) modification loan is a loan whose terms are formulated by the bank and the debtor. It enables the two parties to agree to amicable payment terms of a loan so the loan may be ... Read More »

Why is an appraisal done for a loan modification?

A loan modification is an option provided to borrowers undergoing a temporary financial hardship that allows them to avoid foreclosure and get caught up on payments. Different types of loan modific... Read More »