What is a story about one's life called?

Answer When authors write about their own lives, those books are called autobiographies or memoirs. Autobiographies view the life as a whole, while memoirs generally focus on one particular aspect of the ... Read More »

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What is a story you write about your own life called?

A story you write about your own life is called an autobiography. According to, it is your biography narrated by yourself. An autobiography that has a more narrow focus is a mem... Read More »

What is the story behind the place called Congo in South Wales, Australia Why is it called Congo?

Those places you have listed originally belonged to the traditional Aboriginal landowners and are Aboriginal words Congo does not sound like an Aboriginal word, perhaps it's named after this Aborig... Read More »

How to Get Someone to Tell You Their Life Story?

You could be simply curious, trying to bond, looking to get some weight off someone's shoulders, or just plain bored with a little time on your hands, but sometimes encouraging someone to spew you ... Read More »

Who sang"the story of my life"?

Multiple artists have recorded songs called "The Story of My Life." Neil Diamond has a song with this title. "The Story of My Life" was a Top 40 single for Burt Bacharach. Marty Robbins also record... Read More »