What is a story about one's life called?

Answer When authors write about their own lives, those books are called autobiographies or memoirs. Autobiographies view the life as a whole, while memoirs generally focus on one particular aspect of the ... Read More »

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What is a story you write about your own life called?

A story you write about your own life is called an autobiography. According to, it is your biography narrated by yourself. An autobiography that has a more narrow focus is a mem... Read More »

How to Write an Outline About Your Life Story?

You may want to write an autobiography for a number of reasons. Maybe you are thinking about publishing a memoir. Or maybe you just want it for personal use and enjoyment or as a family heirloom. W... Read More »

Why would some ones child all of a sudden doesn't even care about his parents siblings cousins and anyone who has been apart of his life?

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What was the name of a serial shown on the BBC more than 20 years ago about Joseph Parry and his life and writing of Myfannwy starring Sian Phillips called and where can I get a copy?

The show came to the UK in 1967 and ran on the BBC until 1987.