What is a stock pot used for?

Answer Home cooks and chefs use stock pots to boil meat, vegetables and herbs for soup stocks and consomme. Stock pots are also popular cooking vessels for one-pot meals, such as stews and soups. Stock po... Read More »

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What is card stock used for?

Card stock is an opaque and heavyweight type of paper that is often used in paper signs, business cards, playing cards, postcards, greeting cards, scrapbooking and paper crafts. Heavier weight card... Read More »

What tape stock is used for a Sony F900 camera?

The Sony F900 (aka HDW-F900R) uses a variety of tapes. The most popular and common tape stocks this HDCAM uses include the following: "BCT-40HD – Sony HDCAM 40min," "DVM63HD – Sony HDV CAM 63mi... Read More »

What is the symbol used in stock exchange for shorting oil stocks?

In the New York Stock Exchange, which is also known as the NYSE, the symbol used by the United States Short Oil Fund for shorting oil stocks is DNO. DNO is an Exchange-Traded Fund and was launched ... Read More »

Commonly Used Stock Exchange Abbreviations?

The stock market world is filled with abbreviations. Abbreviations called ticker symbols represent each company listed in stock exchanges. Abbreviations represent the names of the stock exchanges t... Read More »