What is a stock margin account?

Answer In the stock market, there are a number of tools that investors use to gain buying leverage; margin is just a tool that is used to achieve such objectives.FeaturesA margin account is when your brok... Read More »

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What does buying stock on margin mean?

Buying stock on margin means to purchase shares of stock with borrowed money, usually from a broker. Buyers who expect a stock's share price to increase will borrow funds to leverage purchasing pow... Read More »

How to Trade Stock Using Margin?

Trading stock using margins means borrowing money to invest. Investing with borrowed money amplifies both gains and losses in a stock account, so there are certain dangers involved with using margi... Read More »

Can an IRA be a margin account?

An IRA account cannot be a margin account. IRA accounts let individuals save for retirement using a variety of investments, however IRA accounts and ROTH Ira accounts cannot be margin accounts.Sour... Read More »

What Is a Margin Account Equity?

Trading on margin can generate a profitable upside, but because of the inherent risks, inexperienced investors should use caution when considering this method to finance their trades. To open a mar... Read More »