What is a stock certificate?

Answer A stock certificate is a legal document, either paper or electronic, denoting ownership of a specific share in a company. Companies distribute shares of stock as part of an incentive to get investo... Read More »

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What does jt ten mean on a stock certificate?

Jt ten stands for joint tenancy. On a stock certificate, the words mean that all the people named on the certificate hold the stock jointly. Such certificates also give instructions for their dispo... Read More »

How do I issue a stock certificate?

Obtain a Stock KitAsk for a stock kit when you incorporate, which includes a transfer ledger, blank stock certificates and sample stocks. Use the samples as guides to prepare the blank certificates... Read More »

How to Cash an Old Stock Certificate?

Sometimes a person inherits an old stock certificate or discovers one in family papers. Determining if it is of any value may be a bit of a challenge. If you find yourself in possession of such a s... Read More »

How to Establish a Stock Certificate?

A stock certificate is a representation of the ownership the certificate holder has in a corporation, whether private or public. Public stocks are highly regulated, and you don't need to worry abou... Read More »