What is a stigma in a flower?

Answer The stigma is the ovary of the flower--the female part. The male counterpart is the stamen. The stigma is covered in a sticky substance so that pollen will adhere to; The f... Read More »

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What is the purpose of the stigma on a flower?

In a flower carpel, the stigma is the terminal portion that has no epidermis and is fitted to receive pollen.

What deciduous tree has waxy pink flower with blue ball in the center of the flower also has 5-point star shaped white flower?

If a white flower is crossed with a red flower and a pink flower is produced this is called?

What Does A Stigma Do reproduce?

the male parts of the plant: anther, filament, pollen female parts: stigma, style, ovules, ovuary first the pollen from the anther, which is the top stem, is rubbed on a pollinator or blown by ... Read More »