What is a "stiff neck" is it muscle or a vertabrae out of place?

Answer Hi Joe: it can be both. To relax one try this Joe. Get a towel wet then hot in the microwave. Then wrap it around your neck. K There is a neck brace that you can also get i had one when i was play... Read More »

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Is muscle soreness different than a stiff neck?

A stiff neck would be from tight muscles in it, so it would be pretty much the same thing as sore muscles. Freeing up your neck muscles will release the stiffness in it and here's how to free them... Read More »

What viruses cause stiff neck, and other muscle aches?

If it is dangerous then the doctor will advice him to remain at the hospital.

What can I do to get rid of my stiff neck?

omg i been there before. get a hot baked patatoe and wrap it in a wash wrag and hold against your neck for a while. the heat relaxes your muscles It`s probably hurting because of the way you slept... Read More »

Can allergies cause a stiff neck?

If you are suffering from a painful stiff neck you may assume that you have wrenched your neck or slept on it in an awkward position, resulting in the stiffness. This may be the case, but it is pos... Read More »