What is a step up transformer?

Answer A step-up transformer is a device that converts electrical power to a higher voltage. Small step-up transformers are common in electrical appliances, while utilities use huge transformers to step u... Read More »

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Do you need a step down transformer in China?

Chinese electricity operates at 220 volts, 50 hertz. It also has a different plug standard from many other countries, with two slanted blades located over a third vertical grounding plug. Because... Read More »

How does a step down transformer work?

Step-down transformers reduce a higher voltage to a lower voltage for use in different types of equipment. Power companies use them to reduce the voltage in power lines so it can be used in your ho... Read More »

Where is the step down transformer located in the X-ray circuit?

The step-down transformer in a basic X-ray tube schematic resides on the filament circuit. This transformer steps the voltage down, and therefore, increases the current, or amps. The primary purpos... Read More »

I just bought a ps3 that requires 110v but my electrical plug emits 230v so i bought a step down transformer.?

No, you will not damage your unit by running at higher wattage. The ps3 will take what it needs, as you say, 360w. So, a fifty watt supply will be too little, and that will damage your unit.1600w... Read More »