How to Steer Your Car?

Answer Do you know how to steer your own car? There are many sorts of steering techniques to use. Here I will demonstrate the combination of techniques which will prove easiest and most efficient.

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How to Ride a Steer?

Steer riding is a rodeo event where kids as young as 10 are put on the back of a steer to see how long they will last. The riding itself is only eight (8) seconds long, just as long as with bull ri... Read More »

How to Fix Torque Steer?

Torque steer is the tendency your front-wheel drive (FWD) car has to turn to the right or left when you apply a large amount of torque to the wheels, such as when you press the gas pedal to the flo... Read More »

How to Steer a Car Correctly?

Driver's education is vital for teenagers first getting behind the wheel. They must have the proper training to become safe and responsible drivers. Steering is obviously the most important factor ... Read More »

How to Set Bump Steer on a Dirt Mod?

A "dirt mod" is the shortened name for dirt modified racer, which is a type of race car that's specifically designed for dirt racing. "Bump steer" is a term used to describe an inward or outward pu... Read More »