What is a steam room?

Answer You may have heard about the health benefits of relaxing in a steam room or desire to use one to help drop the pounds. While it is similar in some ways to a sauna, a steam room differs in a few imp... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a steam room?

Steam rooms use moist heat to relax muscles and connective tissue. High temperatures within the enclosed rooms encourage physiological responses, such as sweating, which eliminate toxins and promot... Read More »

What Is the Best Way to Use a Steam Room?

The steam room is one of the most relaxing locations within the spa and can add numerous health benefits with every visit. Not only does a steam room improve and relax your mind, but your skin and ... Read More »

What Should Be Used First: A Sauna or Steam Room?

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How to Use a Steam Room?

Steam rooms have been popular for many years and devotees claim that relaxing in a steam room can provide multiple health benefits. A steam room is an enclosed room heated to around 115 degrees and... Read More »