What is a statutory reserve requirement?

Answer The Federal Reserve Board employs a number of tools to control monetary policy in the United States. One of these tools is the statutory reserve requirement that bars a percentage of bank deposits ... Read More »

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What will be the Hosting requirement for a Wordpress Blog means How can i calculate Hosting Requirement?

20k-25k per day visits is quite a large number. You will be looking at something like 700k visitors per month. Plus if you have high definition images, those might hog a lot of bandwidth. If possib... Read More »

What Is Statutory Burglary?

Statutory burglary refers to burglary as codified by statute. Modern burglary statutes differ from state to state, but most statutes are grounded in the common law of burglary, which defines the cr... Read More »

What is a statutory agent?

According to the Ohio Secretary of State, a statutory agent, also called a registered or resident agent, is a person or business who acts as a representative for corporations and LLCs in the United... Read More »

What is a statutory lien?

A statutory lien is an involuntary lien that has been created by the state or federal law, or a local ordinance. These types of liens do not require the permission of any party or a court order in ... Read More »