What does the t statistic mean?

Answer A t statistic is a measure of how extreme a statistical estimate is. A t statistic is determined by subtracting the supposed value of an estimate and then dividing by the standard error.References:... Read More »

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How to Use the Durbin-Watson Statistic in Excel?

The Durbin-Watson is a test that statisticians use to see whether data are correlated. In other words, you might want to find out whether a particular event was caused by another event. The test wa... Read More »

Why does this statistic % add up way beyond 100%?

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How to Determine the Usefulness of a Baseball Statistic?

RBI and HR are not necessarily the best stats to measure the value of a hitter with.Ah, statistical measurement in baseball, an inexact science with tools ranging from the simple (RBI, HR, etc.) to... Read More »

What is your favorite made up statistic or other woo spouted by our favorite "see a professional homeopath"?

Favourite piece of nonsense she made up herself: 'If you survive (chemo), you probably were misdiagnosed in the first place''.…Second favourite, same link:... Read More »